Are you looking for a fun night with your friends? Or how about a birthday party for the special someone?
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Ever had a paint party on a bus?! Now you can! Allison's Art Bus will roll up to your front door and we paint what YOU want to paint. If we haven't painted what you want to paint yet (have a look at the gallery below!), send us a picture and Allison will paint you an original for your party! 

The bus itself can hold up to 21 adults and is air-conditioned! You can bring what you want to eat or drink on the bus (including your favorite adult beverages!) 

If you haven't noticed, we like to give you options on the Bus, and your medium is no different! We offer the standard 16 x 20 canvas OR you can paint on one of our handcrafted wooden pallets for a completely different feel and look! 

Adult parties cost $35 per person for canvas and $45 per person for wood pallets. And, yes, you can mix and match canvas and wood between your different painters. Just make sure you give us a little more heads up on the wood pallets so Lance has time to fire up his workshop for your pallets!

​We have a 10 person minimum for our parties and can accept individual payments via any major credit/debit card, Venmo, or (of course!) cash. 

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Allison's Adult Gallery

Black and White Daisy

Mason Jar Flowers

Vasco Barn

Love You More

Love You More

Rainbow Dandelions

Paris Lovers

Magic Castle

VW Camper

Girl With the Umbrella

Sunrise Over the City

Love Tree

Golden Gate Sunset

Golden Wine Bottle

Bon Fire

Vase with Yellow Flowers

Moonlit Pier

America's Favorite Pastime 

Moonlit Beach

Mount Diablo

Seven Dresses

Music of the Heart


Mason Jar Fireflies